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Episode 20

Hello and welcome back!

I apologize for the sound, the restaurant was busy and the sound of the patrons were at times drowning out the sound of the guests as well as me.  

The first of two guests in the episode is Jessica Daniels. Jessica is the head chef at We Olive and Wine Bar located downtown Cincinnati OH.  Jessica talks about her experiences as a child helping around the kitchen, her grandmother's experience of going through the Great Depression and the process she went through with auditioning and hopefully getting on the Food Network.  Fingers crossed. 

My second guest is Nate Washington, comedian from Dayton OH.  I've worked with Nate in the past and he is one of my favorites.  Nate talks about chasing a jeans thief when he had worked retail, his process of creating a joke, and hoarders the tv show.  

This episode went longer than expected but was a blast. 

Thanks for listening!


Episode 19

Welcome back!

Unfortunately Matthew could not make it, he has a newborn and runs a restaurant. 

Musician JuJu Crow and restaurant owner Brad Saunders took time to sit down with me for this episode.  

Juju is the first musician we've had on your show. He talked about how he got into music, his song's debut on the radio station WEBN here in Cincinnati, and how he knew music was it for him.

Brad Saunders, along with his wife, are the co-owners The Pretzel Place in Bellevue KY. Brad discussed how he ended up becoming the co-owner, how he became a chef, and how his roots are based in Pennsylvania where he may or may not have met Punxsutawny Phil, the famous ground hog. 

Thanks for listening!

Matthew & Adam

Episode 18

In Episode 18 of What The Fork, I was able to sit down with chef Andrew Mersmann and comedian Lee Kimbrell at the Red Feather Kitchen. 

Andrew took time out of his busy schedule to discuss how the culinary arts was not his first choice, his daughter telling jokes, and what it's like to cook for 40 people at once.

Lee stopped by to talk about how he got started in stand-up, his mom being an influence in his comedy, and what he finds to be the most challenging part of being a comedian. 

As always, thanks for listening!



Episode 17

Welcome back to What The Fork?

This episode is the first one of 2018.  While I was in Dubuque Iowa at the Mississippi Moon Bar located in Diamond Jo Casino and Penguin's Comedy Club in Cedar Rapids Iowa, I had the pleasure of working with D.C. Malone.  I was able to get an interview with him after our last show on Saturday at about 1:00 AM. 

D.C. talked about his music and comedy career, his love for the Pacific Northwest, and the enjoyment he gets from cooking.  

If you listen close enough you can hear him eating an icecream cone while being interviewed.  So much talent. 


Thanks for listening!




Episode 16

Welcome back and Happy Thanksgiving!  

It would only seem right to post a podcast about food on Thanksgiving day with a side of comedy. 

In this episode I had Tsvika (Vik) Silberberg, the head chef/owner of Zula Bistro located in Over The Rhine in Cincinnati join us as our first guest.  Cincinnati comedian John Bunyan took time out of busy schdedule to join us as our second guest.

Chef Vik gives us a look into what it was like to move to the states with his family from Tel Aviv, Israel...eventually settling down in Cincinnati, how he got his start in the culinary arts and why going to Zula is an affordable choice for New Years Eve.

John talks about how he left Los Angeles then got into comedy, how people are surprised he does stand-up, and that his process of creating a joke has changed overtime.  

Enjoy and thanks for listening!


Matthew & Adam


Episode 15

Welcome back!

This episode has taken me way too long to publish.  This was recorded back in August, fortunately I was finally able to get to it today.  

I was able to sit down with an ol' friend of mine and college classmate, Michael Torres.  Michael is the Sous Chef at The Florentine restaurant located downtown Chicago.  We were able to chat about how he got started as a chef, his love for stand-up comedy, and what movies had been filmed just outside of his restaurant.  

As always, thanks for listening.





Episode 14

Welcome to Episode 14.

In this episode we had the chance to sit down with Chef Nick Ellison from The Precinct here in Cincinnati and Bengals Cheerleader April Marie.

Nick discusses how he became a chef at Jeff Ruby's The Precinct, his first job in the food industry, and how he met The Karate Kid...Ralph Macchio.

Since it's football season, we decided to change things up with an NFL cheerleader instead of a comedian for this episode.  April talks about how she got into cheerleading, her experiences as a teacher, and what it's like to be a Ben-Gal Cheerleader.

Thanks for listening!

Matthew and Adam


Episode 13

We apologize for the delay in getting Episode 13 out, we're in the process of changing up the intro and outro music.  Shouldn't be too long.

Matthew is back as the co-host after his trip to Italy, happy to have him back.

In Episode 13 we were able to sit down with Jackson Travis Rouse of Bauer Farm Kitchen located downtown Cincinnati.  Jay Armstrong, Cincinnati comedian, found time in his busy schedule to sit down with us as well.

Jackson discusses how he became a chef, ordering a pig's head at his restaurant, and how he used to play in a punk rock back.

Jay shares stories of how he got into comedy, fully recovering from drug addiction, and going from homelessness to now being a family man. 

Thanks for listening!


Matthew & Adam

Episode 12

In episode 12, I had a chance to sit down with comedian Glenn Childress and chef Andrew Vogel.  This has been the longest episode yet, however it didn't feel like it.  Had a blast sitting down with these two.  Glenn discusses being a father, his worse show, and how he comes up with material.  Andrew, chef of Jean-Robert's Table and culinary arts professor at Cincinnati State, talks about how he became a chef at one of Cincinnati's top restaurants, his love for cooking, and who inspired him to pick up an apron.  Unfortunately Matthew couldn't make it, he had to cover at his restaurant since one of his employees called in.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Matthew and Adam


Episode 11

Welcome back!  In Episode 11 I had a chance to interview comedian Brian Million and chef Brandon Lomax of Bouquet Restaurant in Covington KY.  Brandon talks about his first cooking experiences along with how he got to be a chef.  Brian shares how he got started in comedy and how he handles being a comic along with the role of fatherhood. 

Thanks for listening!


Matthew & Adam

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