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Dennis is back for another episode of What The Fork.  Dennis talks about Gutty's Comedy Club going beyond just being a comedy club.  He also discusses Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. 





Had fun speaking with comic and club co-owner of Gutty's Comedy Club in Greenwood IN.  Dennis talked about running a club, being a comic himself and a show that didn't go particularly well.  Thanks for listening. 

You can check out Gutty's Comedy Club by going to https://www.guttyscomedyclub.com/



Hanging out with Dylan talking about new jokes, bad jokes, and moving to Florida.  Had fun talking with him and catching up since the last time we worked together at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in Cincinnati. Thanks for downloading and listening. 


Episode 31 starts off 2021 with guest comedian Joe Bates. We talk about Door Dash, process of writing jokes and his new album due to be released in January.  Have a listen and thanks.



Episode 30

Hey! Episode 30 is up!  Thanks for taking the time to download the latest episode. 

In this episode I have Executive Chef Paul Barraco of 20 Brix, which is located in the historic and scenic Milford OH.  Paul discusses his move to Milford from Hollywood...Florida, opening his latest restaurant in Milford, and family.  

I have attached a link to 20 Brix and his second restaurant Padrino...which is also located in Milford.  

As always, thanks for listening.


Episode 29

Welcome back to What The Fork, I was a little late getting this out.  In this episode I was at the beautiful Aloft Hotel in downtown Louisville KY where I was headlining a show.  I was able to get the very entertaining and wonderful Angelia Lynn Casey as my guest.  She runs the shows that they produce at the Aloft as well as other tasks that need attention at the hotel.  This was a fun episode and hope you enjoy it. 

Thanks for listening!


Episode 28

Welcome back to What The Fork.

In episode 28 I had an opportunity to sit down and talk to chef Jared Bennett of Karrikin Distillery and Cincinnati comedian Mike Frank. 

Jared talks about how they came up with the name of Karrikin, how he creates the menu, and why he came from California to settle down in Cincinnati. 

Mike discusses why he got into comedy, how he comes up with jokes and his interest in photography.

Enjoy and thanks for listening. 


Episode 27

Welcome back to What The Fork,

It's been December since the last episode. This would be the first episode of 2019. This New Year's Resolution would be...more podcasts.

In this episode I have Restaurateur Kathy Pesola of Revolution Rotisserie & Bar and comedian Blake Hammond.

Kathy talks about the grind of owning a restaurant, the process of putting a menu together and how she and her husband came up with the name of their restaurant.

Blake discusses how he got into comedy, his process of writing, and eating fries on stage at Go Bananas during his show.  

As always, thanks for listening. More episodes to come soon.


Episode 26

Welcome to episode 26. My apologies for taking so long to get a new episode out.  I have been busy promoting a short film I wrote, directed, and produced that had debuted at a film festival in New York City. So again, my apologies for the delay.  If you are interested in checking out my film, you can click on the link provided. I have also attached a link to the Kickstarter that I had started to raise funds for my film. If I can raise the needed funds, I can take my film out to Hollywood to begin the initial steps in making a feature film...I have 2 producers interested in making my movie. 

In this episode, the wife and I were visiting Washington DC and I had the opportunity to interview her best friend Janet's two boys... Elijah and Hugo.  We talk about their love of food, Legos, and how they get to eat sugar at a nature center later that day with their dad. Fun fact...Janet is the one who came up with the name of our podcast What The Fork. 

Special thanks to Steve their father for hanging out during the interview. 

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/jwVFMAddmUY

Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2zmkTOh

Thanks for listening!



Episode 25

Welcome back to WTF.

I apologize for taking so long to get a new episode up. However, you will start seeing more episodes on a weekly bases. Our goal is to get an episode a week. If you are interested in advertising with our podcast, please contact me via messenger on our Facebook page.

In episode 25 I had the chance to sit down with comedian Kelly Horan. Kelly talks about running, comedy, and cooking. We discuss how we look at what makes a comic a comic, her experience as a cook and how she transitioned from the culinary arts to comedy.  

Thanks for listening!


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