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Episode 10

Welcome back to What The Fork?

In this episode I was able to sit down with comedian Brian Hicks.  Brian is one of my favorite comics to work with and is a blast to watch on stage.  In this episode we talk about our trip on this Michigan tour, we discuss how he got started in comedy, how he comes up with material, and his experience working with Jim Gaffigan and Norm Macdonald.  There is a link to Brian's website that will help you check out his schedule and see when he's at a venue near you. 

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Episode 9

Hello and welcome back to What The Fork.

I apologize for taking this long to get episode 9 out, but with traveling overseas, doing shows in Sweden and coming home to various projects after a 2 1/2 week tour, getting this episode out took longer than expected.

In this episode I was able to sit down at the Big Ben Pub Comedy Club with Ryan Bussell, American comedian living in Stockholm.  We were able to talk about comedy in Sweden, being from New Jersey, and how he got started in stand-up. 

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Episode 8

Welcome back to What The Fork?!,

In this episode we have guest Drew Morgan.  Chef Drew shares stories of preparing food for the Bengals, technological advances in cooking, and how he manages between cooking and family life.  Drew also works for the family business, Morgan's Canoe Rentals.  See the link below or on the page with links that have been added in the past to get direct access to their website.

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Matt & Adam



Episode 7

Welcome back to What The Fork?!

In Episode 7, I was able to sit down with Jason Kutash, the manager, and Jase, the head chef of the Funny Bone Comedy Club. 

In this episode, you will get to learn about the management side of a national chain comedy club, what Jason has to deal with from day-to-day, and his advice for new comics. 

Jase gives us a taste as to what it's like to be a chef in a comedy club, how he got involved with the Funny Bone, and the pressures of working in the comedy club environment.

Unfortunately Matt could not join me on this episode, he had a situation he had to attend to back at Buona Vita.

As always, enjoy and we thank you for listening!


Matt & Adam

Episode 6

Welcome to What The Fork, Episode 6.  Matt and I were able to sit down with Co-Owner,Co-Founder and Brewer of Darkness Brewing in Bellevue KY... Ron Sanders.  Also, joining us is comedian Homer Shadowheart.  Both Ron and Homer discuss how they got started, struggles, successes, how they create what they do best, etc. 

Thanks for listening!

Matt & Adam

Episode 5

Hello and welcome to What The Fork.  In episode 5 I was able to catch up with Billy Thurman, the Executive Chef at Beau's On The River for an interview.  While I was doing stand-up at the Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls OH, Billy was able to find time in his hectic schedule to sit down with me for a bit and talk about his career as a chef.  

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Episode 4

Welcome back to What The Fork!  We apologize for the delay in getting episode 4 out.  With conflicts in schedules, we were finally able to sit down with our guest this week, Diane Cornish.  Diane is the owner and master baker of Mama C's Buttercream & Sprinkles bakery in Bellevue Ky.  Unfortunately we were unable to get a guest comedian, but we think you will enjoy listening to Diane's story and what it's like to run a bakery. 

Thank you for your patience. Enjoy!


Matt & Adam

Episode 3

In Episode 3, recorded at the Elusive Cow in Bellevue KY,  we have guests comedian Ray Price and owner/chef of the Elusive Cow Cafe, Jim Fisher. 

Ray discusses how he thinks he isn't funny (which he is), his start in comedy, motivations/inspirations, etc.

Jim talks about being from Pittsburgh, how he came up with the name of his restaurant,  his motivation to own a restaurant, what it takes to keep it going, and a cook who worked for him at the Cow who decided to dip a steak in....well, you'll find out. 

Thanks for listening....enjoy!

Matt & Adam


Episode 2

Welcome back to What The Fork.  In this episode comedian Kim E Sherwood stops in to discuss his journey on the road of comedy, previous jobs, and family.  Our second guest is Matthew's brother, Joseph Frommeyer.  Joseph drops by to talk about the family business, working alongside Matthew, previous jobs, and how their experiences influence their decisions in the restaurant.  Enjoy!


Matt and Adam

Episode 1

Hello everyone!  Welcome to "What The Fork".  We are excited to bring to you a show about the culinary arts and stand up comedy. Each episode will feature a guest chef and comedian as Matthew and Adam ask them questions about their motivations, inspirations, failures, etc.  Our first episode is featuring us, as we introduce ourselves and what our show is about. 

In the first episode Matthew talks about his experiences in the food business as a chef.  Adam discusses his experiences as a comedian and the process of starting out to where he is now. 

Thanks to Derrick Daley for working the sound and singer and songwriter Jordon Frank for allowing us to use his song "until the dawn".

Thanks and enjoy!

-Matt & Adam


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