Episode 23

Welcome back to What The Fork,

When you do a podcast about comedy and food, you enjoy each and every guest. Then once in a while you get a real treat when it comes to guests. On this episode I have guests Mark Lonow and his lovely wife Jo Anne Astrow. It was a pleasure to sit down, speak with them and listen to their stories. 

Mark discusses how he helped start the original Improv Comedy Club, his relationship to Budd Friedman, and how he one-upped Milton Berle.

Jo Anne talks about the time she worked with Andy Kaufman, Robin Williams sleeping on her floor, and how she appeared on The Johnny Carson Show.

Mark and Jo Anne have written, produced and directed a play called "Jews, Christians and Screwing Stalin". As Mark and Jo Anne have described it, it is a light comedy about dark Jews. I have added the website so you can access tickets. It will be playing at the Matrix Theatre on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles in August. Given their history in comedy, you will love their play.  

I also want to thank my guest co-host, comedian Gabe Kea. Always a pleasure to have him on the show.

Thank you for listening...please share with your friends, if you would like me to ask our guests any questions, please shoot me a message on our facebook page. 

Thanks again!

Adam and Matt


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