Episode 20

Hello and welcome back!

I apologize for the sound, the restaurant was busy and the sound of the patrons were at times drowning out the sound of the guests as well as me.  

The first of two guests in the episode is Jessica Daniels. Jessica is the head chef at We Olive and Wine Bar located downtown Cincinnati OH.  Jessica talks about her experiences as a child helping around the kitchen, her grandmother's experience of going through the Great Depression and the process she went through with auditioning and hopefully getting on the Food Network.  Fingers crossed. 

My second guest is Nate Washington, comedian from Dayton OH.  I've worked with Nate in the past and he is one of my favorites.  Nate talks about chasing a jeans thief when he had worked retail, his process of creating a joke, and hoarders the tv show.  

This episode went longer than expected but was a blast. 

Thanks for listening!


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