Episode 16

Welcome back and Happy Thanksgiving!  

It would only seem right to post a podcast about food on Thanksgiving day with a side of comedy. 

In this episode I had Tsvika (Vik) Silberberg, the head chef/owner of Zula Bistro located in Over The Rhine in Cincinnati join us as our first guest.  Cincinnati comedian John Bunyan took time out of busy schdedule to join us as our second guest.

Chef Vik gives us a look into what it was like to move to the states with his family from Tel Aviv, Israel...eventually settling down in Cincinnati, how he got his start in the culinary arts and why going to Zula is an affordable choice for New Years Eve.

John talks about how he left Los Angeles then got into comedy, how people are surprised he does stand-up, and that his process of creating a joke has changed overtime.  

Enjoy and thanks for listening!


Matthew & Adam


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